4 Pieces Of Trash You Wouldn’t Normally See Appear In The Wetlands

May 17th, 2014
Trash in wetlands

We as a society know very little about the eventual locations that our trash eventually finds itself. In this short article we want to reveal 5 random pieces of trash that have started to appear in across our wetlands.

1. Teabags

That’s right, good old teabags are found quite often in our wetlands. Really it makes perfect sense that a nation of tea drinkers are adding to the environmental damage being caused on our wetlands.

2. Electronics

Due to the fact that we are consuming more electronics year to year, it’s no wonder that we starting to see many of them appear all across our environment. This is something that we feel will start to get worse before it gets better.

3. Supplements

Our nation is quickly becoming a nation of muscle building and diet supplements, with many bottles ending up in our wetlands of course. Just recently we found a bottle of a testosterone booster called “Formula T10“. Not only that but it’s common to see empty protein powders, weight loss pills and many others as well.

4. Electronic Cigarette Canisters

We didn’t even know what these were before we started researching into them. They are basically disposable tubes used with electronic cigarettes which are starting to become incredibly popular throughout the UK

The good news is, awareness of trash disposal is increasing worldwide and everyday more people are working on solutions to this problem.

We just thought it would be a good idea to show the public what is being found right now across our wetlands.