Seoul in Spring

Olympic Park Seoul

Olympic Park Seoul

Spring is the best time to travel to Seoul South Korea. While the country’s capital city is a beautiful place to visit year-round, it is during spring that its natural beauty shines even more. As the winter’s cold give way to springtime’s warmer temperature, Seoul’s picturesque scenery is a glorious sight to see. If you are thinking of when to visit the city, here are some of the top reasons to go during the spring months.

1. Despite being a megacity, Seoul has no dearth of walking paths and green spaces to enjoy the outdoors. It boasts of several Themed Walking Trails like the Daemosan Mountain Forest Trails and Hongneung Arboretum, scenic trails like Noeul Park’s Noeul-gil Path and Huingureum-gil Path, and the historical-cultural trails like Seoul City Wall’s Sunseong-gil Path among others. Springtime walks in these paths are among the most pleasant ways to marvel at the gorgeous nature scenery of the city.

2. If you are in Seoul when cherry blossoms are in bloom, take a stroll at Yeouiseo-ro Road also known as the cherry blossom tunnel in Yeouido. See the glorious display of over a thousand cherry blossom trees that lined the road in full bloom.

3. Explore the city’s Royal Palaces and make sure not to miss a visit to the Changgyeonggung Palace where the blossoms of a wide array of flowering trees provide an enchanting backdrop to the scenery.

4. Take a moment away from the hustle of the city as you escape into the tranquil surroundings of Seoul’s many urban parks including the picturesque Ilsan Lake Park. Bring some packed lunch or snack for an impromptu picnic in a scenic and cozy spot as you watch the natural scenery around you.

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