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The Nature-Loving You


Taking care of nature is similar to taking care of your beautiful self; it’s a reflection of your character.

Nature has given you a lot of free things—air, water, stunning landscapes, spectacular views, and so on. In return, don’t give nature the pollution it doesn’t deserve. If you’re concerned about protecting your hair from heat damage, then you must be more concerned about protecting nature from pollution.

Basically, what we’ll talk about in this article are the tools that can help you take good care of nature. After all, the least you can do to demonstrate your gratitude is to protect and preserve the environment.

Before we go to the tools, however, I’d like to discuss the advantage you’ll get when you take care of nature.



A clean environment contributes to a healthy lifestyle. A polluted world only means toxins and contaminants surround you. And they are harmful to your skin and overall health.

Water pollution can cause neurological disorders, gastrointestinal disease, and reproductive problems, while air pollution can lead to bronchitis, heart and asthma attacks, and premature mortality.

Just as you would check out articles about beauty like, you should also check out websites that focus on taking care of our environment.

A nature-loving you will make you more beautifully natural. Believe me.


Now, let’s move on to the tools that can help you protect the environment.


Want to preserve nature? Then don’t waste energy. For instance, switch off lights when they aren’t being used. Turn the lights off when you leave a room. You could also set the lights on a timer to help you decrease the time they’re turned on. Use motion-sensitive lights outside your home if possible so that they won’t be left on.

If natural lighting is sufficient, then don’t switch on other lights. Prefer energy-efficient light bulbs as well. They use less electricity and therefore reduce your carbon footprint.

Unplug your chargers for electronic devices when they are not in use. These charges utilize constant energy even when your phone isn’t connected. Decrease your electricity usage to benefit nature and save money!


Use water carefully as well. Clean water is difficult to find in other areas, you know. You should be thankful you have access to clean water. Every single drop counts. Only use what you need every time you turn on your shower or faucet.

Think of it as cutting your nails. You cut them off when they’re too long right? That’s because they’re unnecessary. At the same time, you also have to cut your water usage if you don’t need a lot of water for a job to be done.


tree-planting-volunteerAside from the conservation tool, you should also use the concern tool. One of the things you can do to show your concern is to volunteer. There are so many nonprofit environmental organizations out there that need your help. Look for organizations that are willing to preserve nature by all means. Remember, even your small actions can help.


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Boost Your Mood by Spending Time Outdoors


If you are having one of those stressful days or simply want to chase the blues away, spending time outdoors would be an excellent idea. There are several ways nature can boost your mood, a concept that results of increasing number of studies seem to support. So the next time you feel anxious, angry, or stressed out, step out and use nature to improve your mood.

1. Listen to nature’s sounds. Do you listen to relaxation music to calm your frazzled nerves? Most relaxation music use soothing nature sounds, which you can enjoy by spending more time outdoors. You can start using nature to improve your mood by visiting a beach, lake, or river near you. Sit by the water, breathe, and release all your worries, fears, and tensions away.

2. Spend time outside. Why not use the 10 to 15 minute breaks you have at work to go for a short walk? If time does not permit it, you can just step out, breathe, and enjoy the view outside even for a while. Alternatively, you can bring your lunch to a nearby park for a change of scenery as you leisurely savor your meal. The time you spend outside can help clear your mind and spark your creativity.

3. Go for a stroll. Does lethargy or lack of energy slowing you down at work or at home? Why not opt for natural ways to boost your mood instead of drinking your nth cup of coffee for the day? Caffeine may be an instant energy booster, but you will be back to your previous state once the effects wear off. Going for a walk can recharge your mind and body in a natural and healthier way.

4. Get some work done outside. You do not have to do something drastic as leaving your job to find work that allows you to spend time outside. Sometimes all you have to do is to bring your laptop outside once in a while, especially when you start feeling overwhelmed by the pressures at work. Find a cozy spot outdoors where you can do your work while enjoying a breath of fresh air and the calming scenes that nature rarely seem to be in short supply of.

5. Do some outdoor exercises. Do you want to use nature to improve your mood? Greening your exercise routine can be a good start. Engage in outdoor physical activities such as bicycling, gardening, running, walking, and a wide array of water sports. The said activities can provide you with the exercise you need as well as a much-needed exposure to nature.