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Thoreau the “Patron Saint of Swamps” because he enjoyed being in them and writing about them said, “my temple is the swamp… When I would recreate myself, I seek the darkest wood, the thickest and most impenetrable and to the citizen, most dismal, swamp. I enter a swamp as a sacred place, a sanctum sanctorum… I seemed to have reached a new world, so wild a place…far away from human society. What’s the need of visiting far-off mountains and bogs, if a half-hour’s walk will carry me into such wildness and novelty. – Henry David Thoreau, Walden and Other Writings

Wetlandcentre is a website about nature, outdoor recreation, and green living. It features nature destinations, outdoor recreations and adventures, and various natural attractions that should be on people’s must-see places. On this site you will also find stories, ideas, and tips about sustainable living and the simple things everyone can do to help protect the environment.